A Paracord Survival Bracelet Can Save Your Life

A paracord survival bracelet can save your life.  There are literally dozens of uses for the paracord in a paracord survival bracelet and it’s there anytime you need it, waiting to save your life and the live of those with you.

Do you own your own paracord survival bracelet yet?  If you do, you’ll understand this article better.  If you don’t, then see how useful they are below and pick one up to give yourself an advantage.

Here’s how a paracord survival bracelet can save your life.

paracord survival bracelet

Trip Up Your Enemy When Being Pursued

You can use the paracord in your bracelet as a trip line for animals or humans if ever needed.

Make a  Tourniquet

Quickly deploy a paracord survival bracelet to stop blood flow if severely injured and bleeding profusely.

Make a Sling or Splint

You can quickly make a sling to immobilize an injured arm, or use to secure a splint to injured fingers or limbs.

There’s dozens of other things you can use your paracord survival bracelet for, and I’ve shared a few not always thought about.  If you have a paracord bracelet, wear it proudly knowing it’s as functional is it is cool.  If you don’t then you better get one; they are great survival tools.

What are some of the uses you can think of for a paracord survival bracelet?

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