Five Reasons to Wear a Paracord Bracelet

Paracord braclets are great for looks as well as survival. You can find a list of thing to do with a paracord bracelet here, but to augment that list, here are the top five reasons to wear a paracord bracelet.

Paracord bracelet

Valentine's Day Paracord Bracelet

Paracord bracelets are becoming all the rage with many people. If you aren’t familiar with what a paracord or “survival” bracelet is then let me tell you. It is a bracelet made with 550 pound strength of paracord rope that the military uses for a variety of reasons. This bracelet can be used for more than a fashion accessory. If you unravel it you have about 7 feet of rope that you can use in a survival situation.

There are other things that can be made with paracord such as belts, anklets, dog collars, and more. Any of these variations of the bracelet will afford you several feet of survival rope in case you ever need it. From camping adventures a real survival emergency, paracord bracelets could save you in more ways than one.

Take a look at five reasons to wear a paracord bracelet.

1. Memorials. You’ve seen messages on vehicles memorializing loved ones who have passed away. Paracord bracelets are an appropriate and personal way to remember those you love. A dog tag can be added to the bracelet with the name birth and death dates and a special message.

2. Military service/law enforcement/firefighters. Paracord bracelets are huge within these communities. Their multi-functional use is beneficial to these brave men and women who know the importance of being prepared at all times. Paracord bracelets can be customized to match the colors of your particular military/law enforcement/firefighter branch. Supporters of the protective organizations can also wear paracord bracelets with pride.

3. Team spirit. Show your team spirit for your favorite high school or college by wearing your paracord bracelet in the school colors. Add a charm to represent your particular sport or team number and you will be sure to get compliments all the way around. This idea is also a great way to fundraise, selling these bracelets to classmates in support for raising money for your team.

4. Outdoor survival. How do you think it would feel to realize that you are out in the wilderness and forgot all of the tools you need for setting up your tent? What if you are mountain climbing or hiking and an emergency happens that requires that you need several feet of rope? That’s why the paracord bracelet is so crucial for any outdoor adventure.

5. Special causes. Supporting breast cancer and the troops are two compelling examples to represent to the world those causes that you are behind. Wearing paracord bracelets in the colors of your special cause can bring awareness to your cause by others asking you where you got your special bracelet. It’s an open door to talk about what is most important to you.

These are just 5 reasons to wear paracord bracelets but they are by no means inclusive. Paracord has many versatile uses and can mean so much more than a fashion accessory. For more information and photographs on a variety of paracord bracelets, consider the link below.

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