How to Use your Paracord Bracelet in the Winter

Here’s how to use your paracord bracelet in the winter.  We’ve covered many ways to use your paracord bracelet in other articles on the How to Buy a Paracord Bracelet web site, but the tips we share in this article are strictly for the winter season.

paracord survival strap

1. Use paracord as a rope tow for a broken down snowmobile
2. Tie yourself and other hikers together if your trekking up a hill or mountain
3. Replace a broken snow boot lace with the paracord.
4. Snaring snow rabbits
5. Makeshift snow bindings for ski’s
6. Paracord drawstrings to keep snow out of your jacket
7. Makeshift sling for a broken arm
8. Bright color paracord for hiking markers against the snow
9. Makeshift Ice Fishing line from the inner strands of the paracord
10. Repair a dogsled with the cord. (It’s a lot stronger than leather)!

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If you are caught out in the winter months, make sure you have a paracord bracelet or two with you at all times.  Keep these tips on how to use your paracord bracelet in the winter season in mind and you’ll stand a much better chance of survival.

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