Paracord Bracelet Buckles

Paracord bracelet buckles come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Many are made of plastic, others of various types of metal, and some such as the whistle buckle have a useful function of their own.  This article is about the most commonly used types of paracord bracelet buckles so that you can choose your favorites when you buy a paracord bracelet.

The most popular sizes of paracord bracelet buckes are 3/8″ and 5/8″, to match the size of the paracord bracelet.  Other sizes can be used to fit the different types of paracord bracelet weave patterns.

If you have a fire starter paracord bracelet, a fishing bracelet or a standard cobra weave bracelet, there are buckles to fit every style of paracord bracelet that you can find.  

Here are a few images of paracord bracelet buckes that will help you identify the most common types.

Plastic paracord bracelet buckle

Plastic Buckle

Side Release Black Paracord Buckle

Side Release Buckle

Side Release Plastic Buckles

Side Release Plastic Buckles

Cosmos Shackle Buckle

Shackle Buckle Style 1

Cosmos Shackle Buckle 2

Shackle Buckle Style 2

Cosmos Shackle Buckle 3

Shackle Buckle Style 3

Whistle Paracord Bracelet Buckle

Whistle Buckle

A popular approach to buckles is to purchase those that you can put your logo or insignia on.  This appeals to sports fans; I’ve seen the NFL team logos on paracord bracelet buckles.  Other symbols and logos are not hard to find.

There you have it — the most popular paracord bracelet buckles around.  Of course some come without buckles and use a tie-knot type of approach, but I myself prefer buckles.  How about you?

I also prefer a more functional button.  The whistle buckle is a great idea, but one I have yet to see is a small compass or one that opens into a pair of tiny pliers.  Innovator’s alert:  Make more functional paracord bracelet buckles!

Let me know about the types of buckles you have seen.  Which are your favorites and why?


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