Pastel Paracord Bracelets Appeal to Women

Paracord bracelets come in all shapes and sizes, and have wide appeal among many different types of people.  Men like the rugged look, women like the soft and feminine look — that’s usually the case.

colorful paracord bracelets

These paracord bracelets appeal more to women than to men, but they sure are colorful aren’t they?  The color combinations are well thought through and they look well constructed.  My favorite is the blue, green and while bracelet.  There’s also a touch of pink in it.

As far as the stitch style goes, I prefer the cobra stitch which is more square and distinct.  I also prefer fewer colors as well as different colors.  The lacing pattern of these bracelets is also more feminine with their soft flows and curves.

I also prefer buckles which these paracord bracelets don’t have. Buckles are quick to clasp and quick to release, both of which make the bracelet easier to wear.  Convenience is a very important feature to me, I hate messing around with things more than I have to.  After all, I’m a busy person and I like to use my time wisely. Using a buckle is much better.

I like images in the buckles also. There are many paracord bracelets that are available with sports icons, company logos and personal insignias embedded in their clasps.  These add a degree of class to the bracelet and make them more exciting, in my opinion.

What do you think about these colorful paracord bracelets — do you like them?  Would you buy a paracord bracelet that looks like any of these?  Tell us what you think.  If you aren’t a great fan of these, what styles and colors do you like?

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