Top 5 Paracord Bracelet Patterns

Here’s the Top 5 most popular paracord bracelet patterns that are available today.  Paracord bracelets have become extremely popular and we searched out the best sellers to see what we could find. These are the 5 patterns that emerged the most.

The Crown Sinnet Pattern

The Crown Sinnet

Crown Sinnet

The Crown Sinnet (Box Knot) Pattern

The Crown Sinnet (or Box Knot) pattern is fun to make and uses four different colors of paracord. I like to use it for decorating things like key chains or for kid’s backpacks because it’s naturally built to dangle off of something (very ornate), and it makes identifying items so much easier. This is a really easy, but complex looking weave.

The Caterpillar Sinnet

Caterpillar Sinnet

The Caterpillar Sinnet

The Caterpillar Sinnet is the original weave used for paracord bracelets and often features a quick-release mechanism.  Other stitches are harder to release and require undoing every stitch; this stitch lets you undo the first stitch and pull the rest apart in an instant.

The Wide Solomon Bar Pattern

Wise Solomon Pattern

The Wise Solomon Pattern

The Wide Solomon Bar Pattern is excellent for larger paracord bracelets and has a class all its own.  You won’t find too many of this style because most paracord bracelet manufactures are chintzy on the paracord they use. You get a LOT of paracord with this bracelet!

The Saw Tooth Pattern

Saw Tooth Pattern

The Saw Tooth Pattern

The Saw Tooth pattern is a nice change of pace weave for those who make a lot of the tried and true Cobra knot bracelets. While it’s not a snug knot like more complex weaves, it does the job well for bracelets and it’s not as common, so your friends may not have one of these.

The Snake Knot

Snake Knot Pattern

The Snake Knot Pattern

The Snake Knot pattern gives a really unique looking, and more rounded paracord design (as opposed to the somewhat flat cobra weave).  This is popular for people who love the standard Cobra weave but want something a bit different than everyone else.

You have a wide variety of patterns and colors to choose from when you want to buy a paracord bracelet.  These five patterns are worth knowing so you can identify what it is you’re after.

Which do you like better?  We didn’t include the Cobra weave because it sets the standard for all paracord bracelet weaves.  We thought we’d show you the other weaves that you are probably not so familiar with.  Let us know which you like the best and why below.

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